The Qadria Baghdadia Al Jilania Silsila (India)

Bismillah Irahman Nirahim

Asalatu Wasalamu Alayka Ya Rasoolullah

There are many Qadria Baghdadi Silsila, but they this particular one that we are currently talking about is based in Hyderabad,India. It goes through great Wali’s such as Hazrat Hazrat Gaus E Azam Radi Radi Allahu Allahu Anhu, Hazrat Abdul Aziz Jilani Radi Allahu Anhu and many more. Finally as all silsilas do this silsila also leads back all the way to the King Of Madina Shareef Hazrat Muhmmed Mustafa Sallahu Wasalam.


RasoolNuma, Noor E Panjetan,Hazrat Ash Shah Syed Muhmmed Baghdadi was a kamil wali Allah, kamil shaykh and a faqeer of Gaus E Azam. Hazrat Sahib was born in baghdad and in 1305 hijri blessed the land of India with there presence. There are many Karamats of His holiness, however we will share some drops.

Hazrat Sahibs wedding.

While they were on journey from Hyderbad(India) to Gulbarga Gulbarga Shareef the Sajjadanasheen of Gulbarga Shareef had a basharat of Sultanul Awliya Sarkar Gaus Paak Radi Allahu anhu. The sajjadanasheen sahib said today is the day of Eid as the Shaykh of Shaykhs is in my house , Gaus-Paak  Radi Allahu anhu replied “My two son are on their way to pay homage to your forefather Khwaja Banda Nawaz Radi Allahu anhu I command you to give both your daughter’s in Nikah to both of my Son” The Sajjada Nasheen sahib replied My pleasure Yaa Sultanul Awliya.

In the morning when both of the Princes of Gaus Paak Radi Allahu anhu reached Gulbarga shareef , the Sajjada Sahib told them about their dream. Both of the Princes accepts the two Waliya’s selected by their Grandfather Sarkar Gaus-Paak  Radi Allahu anhu.

The Mashaaikh of the Qadri and Chisti order who attended this beautiful wedding were heard saying ” This is the best of the wedding of this century , Union of Hasani Princes with Hussaini Princess”


RasoolNuma Hazrat Syed Muhmmed Baghdadi Closeness to Rasoolullah

In 1355 Hijri  Rasulnuma Shaykh Syed Muhammad Shah hasani ul hussaini Qadiri Bagdadi Jilani summul Madani migrated to Madina Munawwara.
Hazrat Sahib stayed there for 10 years and took veil on 15th Muharram 1365 hijri.

Once a god fearing person from South Africa visited Madina Munawwara for Umrah and ziyarate RasoolAllah Salla Allahu ‘alayh Wasallam, he was a true ashiq-e-Rasool. This noble person was given the basharat by Sayyedina RasoolAllah Salla Allahu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa Sallam who guided him to Hazrat and beloved Prophet Salla Allahu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa Sallam said go and take bayah with Syed Muhmmad Bagdadi, who is nowadays residing in Madina Munawwara , Sayyedul Mursaleen Salla Allahu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa Sallam further said “Taking Bayah from the hand of Syed Muhammad Bagdadi is like taking bayah from the hand of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani”.

Sayyedul Mursaleen Sayyedina Muhammad Mustafa Salla Allahu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa Sallam further show him the shabi mubarak of Hazrat and also gave him the address of Hazrat who at that moment was staying in Madina Munawwara.

This Person from south africa met Hazrat and took bayah with his bless hand and he shared this dream with all the chief Mufti’s of Madina Munawwara. All the Sunni grand Mufti’s visited Hazrat and started taking sohbet from him and all of them universally gave him the title of “JANASHEEN-E-GAUS-US-SAQLAIN”, Hazrats  fame reached to all the corner’s of arab world and many Shuyukh’s from different parts of Arab countries started meeting Hazrat and took his Sohbet.


Hazrat RasoolNuma Syed Muhmmed Baghdadi VS Ashraf Ali Thanvi Najdi

During Hazrats early day’s in India(Hyderabad) , The Ulema of deoband used to meet him and give him a lot of respect especially Molvi Ashraf Ali Thanvi. Hazrat was not aware of their corrupt belief’s as he hardly understand Urdu as he was from Bagdad Shareef , He only used to communicate in Arabic and Farsi.

Once Molvi Ashraf Thanvi met Hazrat after kissing Hazrats hand invited him for their Ijtema near historical Makkah Masjid in Hyderabad. There was a large gathering and the Molvi’s of deoband came personally to escort Hazrat Rahmatullahi ’alayh to the Makkah Masjid. There was Big stage and the Deobandi Molvi’s throw roses on Hazrat  Rahmatullahi ’alayh when he enter’s the venue. Hazrat took his seet and started listening to the lecture(although he could hardly understand what they were saying) , As Mehfil was in full swing . All of sudden Hazrat  Rahmatullahi ’alayh left his seet and threw one of his bless Sandal on Ashraf Ali thanvi who was delivering the lecture, and this Son of Haider-e-Karar alayhis ‘salam roared like the Lion of Allah ” You Scoundrel shut up, I can smell the Kufr from your mouth” and threw his other sandal towards Ashraf Ali thanvi. Then Hazrat Rahmatullahi ’alayh ran toward’s Ashraf Ali Thanvi to catch and kill him , before Hazrat could lend his hand on this clown , he and his cronies ran from the gathering. Everyone was stunned with this incident.

Hazrat  Rahmatullahi ’alayh went on the stage and asked one of his disciples to bring him a  Pen and Paper, He then wrote the Fatwa of Kufr on Ashraf Ali Thanvi himself.

One of his disciple ask him “Hazrat you dont know Urdu. I was listening to the lecture but did’nt find anything wrong in his speech.

Hazrat Rahmatullahi ’alayh replied I did’nt understand Urdu but I could smell the Kufr from his mouth, You were watching his voice I was listening to his heart. All of his word’s from his mouth had the stinking smell of Kufr  coming from them.

Note – Hazrat Sahib  Rahmatullahi ’alayh didnt understand urdu but with the Fazl of Allah Azwajal and with the Karam of Punjetan-Paak, Gaus-e-Paak & the Power of his Wilayat he smelled the Kufr of Molvi Thanvi

The same day when Hazrat  Rahmatullahi ’alayh went to sleep he got the Basharat of Huzoor Sarwar-E-Konain Salla Allahu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa Sallam.

Hazrat  Rahmatullahi ’alayh narrates that Huzoor Sarwar-E-Konain Salla Allahu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa Sallam asked me ” O Syed Muhammad Hussaini we are very pleased with you , Make a wish and it will be granted”

Hazrat  Rahmatullahi ’alayh replied ” O my Master Salla Allahu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa Sallam I wish for a place near Khatun-e-Jannat salamun alayha’s feet’

Huzoor Sarwar-E-Konain Salla Allahu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa Sallam “smiled and replied Granted.”

Hence Hazrat Rahmatullahi ’alayh was blessed to be buried near the feet of Khatun-e-Jannat Sayyediah Fathima Tuz Zahra Salamum Alayha.

The above incident has been noted by many Ulema of Deccan and it can also be found in one of Maulana Arshadul Qadri Rahmatullahi ’alayh Books.


There are thousands of Karamats of this lion of Allah Azwajul and mountains loads can be written on his blessed personality, However these are a few drops that we have shared. Hazrat was blessed with four sons. However he chose the eldest and second eldest to be his Successors. Arif-Billah Hazrat Ash Shah Syed Muhmmed Faisullah Chisti Qadri Baghdadi  Rahmatullahi ’alayh was tied with the Chisti Amamah. His Holiness rests at chincholi Shareef, India. His other son Sirajul Awliya Hazrat Syed Muhmmed Abdul Rahim Qadri Baghdadi Rifai Chisti Banda-Nawazi Rahmatullahi ’alayh was tied the Qadri Amamah. He rests at Hussaini Alam Shareef,India. RasoolNuma Hazrat Syed Muhmmed Baghdadi Rahmatullahi ’alayh’s two other sons Hazrat Abdul Karim Qadri Baghdadi and also Hazrat Muhmmed Moinuddin Qadri Baghdadi Rahmatullahi ’alayh both rest in the Husaini Alam Shareef Graveyard.

Here is a picture of RasoolNuma Hazrat Syed Muhmmed Baghdadi Rahmatullahi ’alayh. This picture was taken by the king of hyderabad.



Sirajul Awliya Hazrat Syed Abdul Rahim Qadri Baghdadi Rifai Chisti Banda-Nawazi Rahmatullahi ’alayh

Sirajul Awliya, Tasveer E Punjtan, Hazrat Ash Shah Syed Muhmmed Abdul Rahim Qadri Baghdadi Rifai Chisti Banda-Nawazi Rahmatullahi ’alayh is the son of RasoolNuma Hazrat Syed Muhmmed Baghdadi Rahmatullahi ’alayh and is the father of the Current Sajjada Nasheen of Hussaini Alam Shareef. He was popularly known as “Peer E Baghdadi”.

Peer E Baghdadi Rahmatullahi ’alayh was also a kamil Wali Allah, Kamil Shaykh and a faqeer of Gaus E Azam Rahmatullahi ’alayh. Many of todays great wali’s Allah’s loved Peer E Baghdadi Rahmatullahi ’alayh. Amoungst them is Qazi Ul Quzzat, Hazrat Allama Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan Sahib Qibla. Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan Sahib Qibla used to kiss his blessed feet when ever he met Peer E Baghdadi Rahmatullahi ’alay.

 Also just like his blessed father Peer E Baghdadi Rahmatullahi ’alayh also has numerous Karamats. Some in which he has changed peoples lives and such Karamats where we have been told how close he was to certain Awliya. Here are two Karamats that we will share.


Khawaja Gareeb Nawaz Rahmatullahi ’alayh and Peer E Baghdadi Rahmatullahi ’alayh

 Khwaja Kamaluddin Qadri Sahib narrates my family from both my maternal & Paternal side were mureeds of Sayyedina Gaus Sahib Rahmatullahi ‘alayh and even my Nana got Khilafat from Hazrat Gaus Sahib Rahmatullahi ‘alayh and he also had lots of mureeds and even my Mama were Khalifa of Hazat Gaus Sahib Rahmatullahi ‘alayh. When the time came for me to take bayah Hazrat Gaus Sahib and my Nana passed away. So I was looking for a Shaykh. I read many book’s on Kaamil Shaykhs but could’nt find a Kaamil Shaykh.

Many of my friends asked me to take bayah with their Shaykh but I could’nt make my mind up, during the Urs of Khwaja Gareeb Nawaz Rahmatullahi ‘alayh   I went to Ajmer shareef with my friend and met many Shuyukh’s from different parts of India during the Urs, and I could’nt make my mind to whom I should take as my Shaykh. So I went to the Roza of Khwaja Gareeb Nawaz Rahmatullahi ‘alayh and asked Khwaja Sahib to guide me to a Kaamil Shaykh from whom I will get Faiz and the one who will show me the path to Allah azwajaal, the one who is best of this time’s and the one who is a Perfect Sufi durvesh.That night I never got any sign in my dream. I waited for few day’s but could’nt see any sign from Khwaja Sahib Rahmatullahi ‘alayh.
Then I came back to mumbai heart broken I could’nt sleep for a few day’s , then on one night I did tassawur of Khwaja Sahib’s darbar and cried a lot, That same night I saw a dream, there was big stage and there were many chairs,in front of each chair there were people with noorani faces standing with folded hands as if they all are waiting for some big personality, there was noor all around, and between those chair’s there was a big throne which was coated with Marooned colour velvet with ruby’s , emerald’s and diamond all over the throne, I saw a buzurg with noorani face coming towards the throne and he took his seat on that huge throne. I could’nt take my eyes off from that noorani face, it was if a moon has come on earth, then I heard a voice He is a Kaamil Shaykh and Kaamil Wali. When I tried to go near the throne, there was very forceful light that comes from that buzurg face and I was awakened from the dream. I became very happy and thanked Allah Azwajal for this Niyamat. Then again I became sad because I did’nt know the name of the buzurg and from which country or place he is from. I sat in my house and was thinking how will I find the shaykh then I heard azan and it was time for namaaz.

When I was on my way to masjid one of my neighbours requested me to give some tuition to their children in, my free time and I agreed. The Same evening when I went to their house to give tuition to their children, I saw their children looking at a photo album, I took the album from the child and was shocked to see the picture of that buzurg, I asked their father about the buzurg , their father replied he is my Shaykh!! I along with my neighbour went to meet the Shaykh, when I saw him I just fell at his feet and requested him to make me his mureed.

Sirajus Salikeen Sultanul Arifeen Jigar Gosha-e-Gaus-us-saqlain Shaykh Syed Muhammad Abdul Rahim Hasani ul Hussaini Qadiri Bagdadi Rahmatullahi ‘alayh took me into his ghulami and gave me in the daaman of Gaus-Paak Radi Allahu anhu. With the blessing of Khwaja Gareeb Nawaz Radi Allahu anhu I found a Perfect Sufi dervish to be my rehbar.


 Peer E Baghdadi Rahmatullahi ‘alayh and the drunkard.

 During Peer E Baghdadi Rahmatullahi ‘alayh visit Aurangabad, thousands of people came to meet him , among them was a person who was a rich man, he used to drink Alcohol. Everyone came there to take Bayah and to take our Peer E Baghdadi Rahmatullahi ‘alayh blessing.

When the turn of this person came to take bayah , he asked Peer E Baghdadi Rahmatullahi ‘alayh O Hazrat I have met many Shaykh’s and drink their left over but I cant find any change in myself. I just come to meet you but do not wish to take bayah.

Our shaykh smile and said what do you wish from me , the person replied Hazrat Ji you cant fulfil my wish. Peer E Baghdadi replied All the wishes are fullfilled by Allah Azwajal. This Faqeer can only do dua.

The person replied Hazrat I drink two bottles of whiskey daily , Give me something which pleases me. Peer E Baghdadi replied From today drink FOUR bottles of whiskey, All the sin of your drinking will be on my head. But take an oath that you will never drink it in front of me. All the people present were shocked with Shaykh’s reply.

The drunkard was surprised and pleased , he replied Hazrat Ji what is the guarantee that you will took all the sin over your head. The beloved Shaykh replied all the people here are witness and you can hold my collar on the day of Judgement if I dont fulfil my promise. The drunkard took the Oath that he will not drink in front of Shaykh.

He sat in the company of the beloved Shaykh whole day and night , When the time of Shaykhs departure from Aurangabad came, the blessed Shaykh told him remember your Oath.

The person went to his house and removed the bottle of whiskey from the shelve, when he was about to drink it , he saw the vision of the Shaykh who was telling him , you have taken an oath dont break your promise. The person kept aside the bottle of whiskey. The Whole day whenever he tried to drink the whiskey he could see the vision of the beloved Shaykh. Wherever he went he saw the vision of the Shaykh , the same thing happened for a couple of day’s.

Finally he broke all the bottles of whiskey in his house and took a flight to Mumbai to meet the beloved Shaykh. He fell at the feet of the Shaykh and started to cry, the Shaykh asked all the other disciple to vacate the room. The person said Hazrat I am taking another oath that I will never drink whiskey again and will stay away from all the Haraam actS.

The beloved Shaykh embraced him and took him in his sohbet, The beloved shaykh warned him , The karamat which you have witnessed should not be disclosed to anyone. The person took bayah with the beloved Shaykh and became a namaazi and parezgaar, He never drank alcohol in his life ever again.


 These are a few gems that we have shared about the blessed shaykh. Inshallah we will soon share more. Peer E Baghdadi Rahmatullahi ‘alayh took veil at the blessed age of 110 and is currenly resting at Hussaini Alam Shareef, India where his son was appointed over successor ship.

Here is a beautiful picture of Hazrat Peer E Baghdadi Rahmatullahi ‘alayh taken by a mureed.



The Current Sajjada Nasheen of Hussaini Alam Shareef

The Current Sajjada Nasheen of the Dargah Shareef which is called Hussaini Alam Shareef is Peer E Tariqat, Hazrat Ash Shah Syed Muhmmed Abdul Rauf Qadri Baghdadi Jilani, Rifai, Chisti, Banda Nawazi Sahib Qibla. Hazrat Sahib Qibla is a man with great piety, Iman and taqwa. Also a son and grandson of Kamil Wali Allah’s.

Here are two pictures of the Current Sajjada Nasheen of Hussaini Alam Shareef, Peer E Tariqat, Hazrat Ash Shah Syed Muhmmed Abdul Rauf Qadri Baghdadi Jilani Rifai Chisti Banda-Nawazai Sahib Qibla. The first picture was taken during his dastarbandi ceromony and the second one is of Hazrat Sahib Qibla was taken during the blessed URS of his blessed father.



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